Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cool tools

Every once in a while you run across a tool you just can't live without! Be it a wood carving tool wood working etc..
Well I have found such a "tool" The one thing many newer carvers, wood workers have problems with is sharpening their tools. Be it knives, gouges, v-tools etc... I had a horrid time when I first started out trying to get my knives and other carving tools sharp, and keeping them sharp.  Now I am not saying this tool will make you a super sharpener or honer, but it sure will help in a gentle kind of way.

Let me introduce you to Tomz Knife Massager. This machine runs at 34rpm! So you never have to worry about burning the blade/metal, thus ruining the temper. The tool is reversible which is really cool! The tool comes in two different shaft types. Dual and single. Each machine also comes with  1200, and 600 grit diamond discs, leather stropping disc, and a tube of the Tormek honing compound.
 I am not affiliated with the maker of the Tomz machine, this is just my humble review of a excellent sharpener/honer.
I use this all the time, especially to hone my blades as I carve. Want to get rid of all those little fuzzys when carving? Well a sharp blade will help you get there. Toss a little Tormek on the leather strop disc, spread it around, and get to stroppin! I found I do not need to add compound each time I use the machine, it will last a bit on the disc. I usually add new once the leather starts to turn black, which is the metal transferring to the leather from the blade. When the blade gets to the point of needing touched up just use the 1200 grit wheel. For tough nicks and breaks, or a blade that just needs to be redone, use the 600 and then move to the 1200. 
 So, if you are in the market for a sharpener/honer, contact Tom and get ya one of these excellent machines.
Her is a link to the you tube video where he shows a demo of the machine.
and here is the Email to contact Tom. Please make sure to put Tomz sharpener in the email header.
tandlellis@msn.com  Just copy and paste. 
Below is the WCI  classified where he sells the most times.
 Hope you give it a look, you wont be disappointed.
There ya have it my 2 cents worth on an amazing simple machine.
Sean Reynolds